MV Art & Wine Festival: Art through a different lens


Samantha Joseph

Mountain View community members celebrated the beauty of art, music, food, and wine this past weekend at the annual Art and Wine Festival held on Castro Street. With increasingly high popularity in past years and a constant accumulation of new activities and stands, the festival is not one to miss!

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Filled to the brim with booths run by local artists, jewelers, and businesses, this festival nimbly highlighted the diverse aspects of our community with mouth-watering sandwiches, intricately-designed sculptures, novel musicians, refreshing shaved ice, and much more!

But weaving through the crowd to catch glimpses of colorful booths made one thing very clear: art has begun to take a new form. Straying from the typical instruments, one man was selling his collection of unique drums and thumb pianos. Meanwhile, another business underlined the “when pigs fly” saying with hanging botanical gardens attached to wooden pig wind catchers. 

These innovative creations have spread far from the usual crafts, and while some sellers advertised more generic products, these were the ones that really drew people in. So whether it’s kaleidoscopic masks or sizable vintage posters, you’re sure to find what you’d least expect at Mountain View’s Art and Wine Festival! See below for more photos from the festival and mark your calendars for next year!