Prom coordinators forced to adapt to COVID-19 regulations while hoping to achieve end of year normalcy


Kevin Chien

With COVID-19 rates decreasing at a promising rate in Santa Clara County, the annual Prom dance was held Saturday, May 15. However, due to the existing COVID-19 regulations, considerable changes were made to the cherished high school tradition this year. 

This year’s Prom took place at the Mountain View High School campus in the quad instead of at an indoor establishment to ensure all students’ safety. Students were also required to wear masks at all times, only taking them off to eat or drink. However,  this year’s most notable difference was the lack of dancing, a core activity of Prom. Since Prom still had to comply with social distancing rules, students could not dance like how they typically would at a traditional Prom. 

Furthermore, this year, Prom invited all upperclassmen, or juniors and seniors. Tickets were priced originally at fifty dollars, but the price increased as the date became closer. 

Senior and coordinator Mason Davies say that Prom this year was particularly unconventional because of this and that “we faced a lot of challenges with how to put on an event to host a large group of students in a fun and safe way.”

Despite these challenges, however, the committee found other ways to make sure students were enjoying themselves. To compensate for the absence of dancing, carnival games, including a basketball arcade game, a punch machine, and skee ball, populated the area in front of the gym. Students could also enjoy games of mini-golf and poker, which were stationed across the lawn. 

All the while, food trucks were lined up along the front curbside, serving tacos and chicken and waffles. Several other refreshment stands served ice cream, popcorn, and beverages.

“We made sure to have room for students to keep a safe social distance through an array of fun activities and events,” Davies said.

Courtesy of Oracle Member

After several months of being confined within their houses and preparing for upcoming exams and assignments, upperclassmen were excited for the chance to celebrate and relax on this anticipated day.

“I think most people were looking for a sense of normalcy in prom, with the event being the first large group event back in person to this scale, there were high expectations,” Davies said. 

With how Prom turned out, those expectations certainly seemed to be met. Students were spread across the lawn, laughing and conversing and participating in the activities with one another. At the same time, lively music played in the background. “I speak for the committee when I say we are extremely pleased with how prom turned out and are infinitely grateful to our many volunteers and all those who supported the event,” Davies said. “I hope that this year’s prom has set a high standard for years to come and that future events will retain the fun and celebratory atmosphere that this year did.”