Safe way to celebrate the holidays


Dhiara Berkley

Despite COVID restrictions preventing celebrating with one another in person, it is still possible to enjoy each other’s company during the holiday season virtually. Although it may mean giving up the annual holiday potluck, there are many other safe alternatives to have fun!

Virtual Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a staple in holiday parties everywhere. There’s nothing like the excitement over scrambling to figure out what to get your secret person for their gift, or over what gift you will receive.

Before the day of the secret santa, one person can use an online secret santa name generator such as DrawNames or Elfster so that everyone is able to only see who’s name they drew. Set a maximum budget for the cost of gifts, and a date for the gift opening. On the day of, everyone can open their gifts and enjoy each other’s reactions over a video call.

Virtual Ornament Making

If crafting is an annual holiday tradition for you, it is still possible to do in a virtual setting.

The key to this virtual activity is that everyone gets the same materials individually, then makes the craft together over a call. For the more competitive groups, the crafting could be supplemented by a time limit and voting for who’s ornament was the best.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

This activity is simple, fun, and a good way to add in more fun during your virtual holiday party. All of the participants can brainstorm a list of the most random objects, and everyone has to retrieve them. This can also be applied to the holidays by making the items on the list holiday-oriented, like sharing the craziest holiday outfit in your closet or the thing that gets you most into the spirit of the holidays.

Holiday Karaoke

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It’s always fun to try to hit Mariah Carey’s high notes with friends, and doing that virtually can be just as fun.

Make a karaoke playlist with holiday classics like ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch’, and enjoy singing together. This activity is not limited to just the holiday season and can serve to provide endless entertainment all the seasons.

Watch a Holiday Movie

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To get into the holiday spirit, need not look any further than watching a movie together. This can be achieved by using softwares like Netflix Party, Metastream, Scener, or even having someone share their screen on a Zoom call.

Happy Holidays!