How to Prank Like a Pro on April Fool’s Day

How to Prank Like a Pro on April Fools Day

Andrew Bosset

April first. No one is really sure where April Fools Day originated from. However, there are multiple theories. One is that when the calendar year was changed and New Year’s Day was moved from April 1st to January first many people stayed in denial. Those that had made the switch then pulled pranks on those celebrating the old New Year. There are other theories much wilder with less historical proof. But enough of history, here are 10 April Fool’s Day pranks.

1. Caramel Covered Onions: make a plate of caramel covered apples and one or two caramel covered onions. It’s a little bit of work for a whole lot of laughs, when one of your friends bites into that bittersweet treat.

2. Mayonnaise filled donuts: this one is pure evil. Few people can resist a free donut, so this one will fool even the most careful people on April 1st. No one wants a mouthful of mayonnaise.

3. Bullhorn Door Stopper: this one is a quick easy prank to instill the fear of God into people for just the slightest second. All it takes is a bullhorn, a door, and some good old duct tape.


4. Take the ball out of their mouse: This one is good if you want to confuse someone for a couple of minutes and if you’re lucky frustrating them for a good while. It takes a little bit of work, but a lot more for them to

put it back together.


5. Plant grass inside a friends keyboard: This takes a while to show its colors, but once it does you’ll have definitely confused your victim to no end. It takes a little more work but the reward is double.


6. Fill someone’s deodorant with cream cheese: To do this you take out the regular deodorant and spoon in cream cheese. Deodorant $5… cream cheese $3… the look on their face… priceless.

7. Fake parking ticket: This is sure to get someone’s heart rate going and blood flowing. It’s pretty simple too; Simply print out a fake parking ticket from online and place it on their windshield.

8. Cotton Ball Car: For the more dedicated prankers out there; this prank only works in cold weather. Wet the cotton balls and then place them on their car and they will freeze on at night. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing this to anyone who is not a close friend, as this prank will cause quite a lot of work to undo.

9. Malfunctioning Bar of Soap: Cover a bar of soap in nail polish and so it won’t lather when they are trying to use it. They’ll never know what happened, and will certainly be perplexed



10. Febreze Bomb Using a Zip Tie: This is a super quick and easy and will make any space uninhabitable for a certain amount of time.