Noah Centineo is the best actor of all time


Ron Arel

Noah Centineo is the best actor of all time. No man, woman, or child has ever or will ever grace the screen as Noah does. Some people might argue that he’s dull or uninspired. I feel sorry for them. I cannot imagine living life without comprehending the amazing depth of the roles that this actor graces with his performances. The film industry would plummet into a dark age without Noah and too many people are oblivious to this universal reality. He truly is the apex being.

Courtesy of New on Netflix

To begin with, Noah’s acting ability is unparalleled. Let’s take an example. In his most recent film, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Noah plays a heartstruck teenager that falls in love with a girl he never thought he would. Upon hearing that this is the plot of the movie, it is understandable to feel completely and utterly speechless. As you very well know, this topic of unexpected/unaccepted love has never been discussed in any form of media ever before. It’s only natural to not be able to understand the concept of this complex idea of narrative.

In another one of Noah’s famous movies, The Perfect Date, he plays a young teenager that happens to fall in love with a girl, one he never thought he would. As you can see, these diverse roles really show his immeasurable profile as an actor. 

Courtesy of The Dickinsonian

Some interviews even brought to light that he takes three months before shoots to get into character for movies he plays in. It’s not easy to portray such a complex character who solely revolves around one concept to define them. Many might argue that a sign of a good actor is when a person can show emotion and change through performance connected to various different concepts throughout the film. To that I say: shut up.

Noah is also known for his intelligent comments and deep mindset.  He once famously tweeted, “Her: Waves, Me: Faints.” I have to admit myself that when I heard this quote for the first time, it changed my life. I imagined myself as “Her”. I imagined that I made Noah Centineo faint. Noah had shown me the light and now nothing would ever be the same. He changed me for the better. 

Additionally, at the 2019 Kids Choice Awards, Noah gave the most beautiful speech the world has ever heard. “It matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done, for others.” I have heard that Finland is in the process of changing their history textbooks so that the section where they talk about the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. is replaced by commentary on this generation defining statement. To really break down what the sentence means would take ages and a room full of philosophers, but one thing is known for certain: no speech for the rest of history will ever hold a candle to this one.

On top of all that, in an interview with W Magazine, Noah was asked to perform ASMR. He was given a computer to tap near the microphone. Like the genius that he has been established to be, he decided to put the computer in his mouth against the unenlightened interviewer’s recommendation. No one will ever or is ever going to be able to be on the same level as this man who has transcended the definition and limits of what humankind can become.

There will never be a man as smart or gifted as Noah Centineo to ever grace this Earth the nearest millennium, and one another comes he is sure to impact the world in such a monumental way as our beloved Noah has.