Freshman year struggles

Freshman year struggles

Samantha Joseph

“Freshman year isn’t that bad.” These dreaded five words make me cringe every time I’m forced to hear them. This phrase is commonly said by the upperclassmen who clearly don’t remember what it was like to enter a completely new environment with crowds of new people everywhere you look. As a freshman, the memory of stepping onto a new campus with no idea where to go is fresh in my mind. Even after one semester, I still feel slightly new to this school, and it can be both good and bad. Knowing that we don’t need to worry too much about college and SATs feels great, but on the other hand, there are actual problems that we have to face every day, and it is not easy. It’s time to step into the shoes of a freshman and relive the days of having no cars, no all-nighters, and worst of all, no clue what is going on.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, and I’m sure this applies to all grades. But for us freshmen, not having any experience with AP classes makes it difficult to decide what courses to take. The real question is: WHAT CLASSES DO I TAKE NEXT YEAR?!?!


We’re freshmen. Panicking is practically our middle name. Even when we pretend not to care about our grades (which is a lot harder than it looks), we’re actually dying.tumblr_inline_mt6ks1KXiG1ro2d43.gif

“I can’t wait till I can drive, and get a car, and finally be free from this campus!” Keep dreaming kids, we’ve got a few more years till that’s going to happen.tumblr_n0vvngPQIC1rtzqcoo1_500.gif

Doing whatever you can to avoid that terrifying ZERO PERIOD next year. Need sleep. Now.tumblr_inline_n1ggdt8jXo1rg0g8s.gif

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention actually having to sit through zero period.tumblr_inline_my0y8hojOv1qkpuxk.gif

But at the same time, we try to fit in as many AP and Honors classes as we can, not realizing how hectic our schedules are going to get.


But hopefully as we near the end of this semester, life will get easier. At least next year we won’t be considered the “new kids” anymore.tumblr_n1mnborkPh1t04pero1_500.gif


And say goodbye to those awkward run-ins with upperclassmen.tumblr_msl76tDQPi1rfkt7ao1_250.gif


… because our level confidence would have increased.tumblr_mw4bj2bqUr1slj24go1_500.gif

Yeah that’s right, we’ll be that cool.

And to all those incoming freshmen out there, good luck!