Dove Campaign Inspires Women to Redefine Beauty

Dove Campaign Inspires Women to Redefine Beauty

Stephanie Mata

What defines beauty? It’s a question  young and old women alike ponder on a daily basis. When we consider someone beautiful, we usually are referring to their physical or outward appearance that we find appealing to the eye. However, with the advancement of social media, the concept of beauty is widely and constantly being misinterpreted now, more than ever. But fortunately, we have the power to change that, and what better way to do so with the help of social media itself? Recently, a very intriguing Dove advertisement has circulated the internet, giving a brief protocol to a group of high school girls. Their assignment: take a selfie that reveals your natural beauty and incorporates your flaws and insecurities. No filters. No edits. No nada. For many girls, this task was beyond abnormal. Undoubtedly many were insecure, some were even able to share their insecurities, saying that just the thought of having their magnified selfies up in a gallery for the whole world to see was unbearable; but the results were definitely not what they expected. At the day of the selfie gallery walk, many of the other girls left uplifting and encouraging comments that addressed many of their physical features and especially their insecurities. This left a big impact on the girls who contributed to this task and many even began realizing that they were indeed  beautiful, “I was looking through my selfies last night and I realized that I am beautiful. Im pretty cute,” said one of the Dove participants.


   This experiment also addressed an important reality: that we all have the power to redefine beauty. We should no longer allow social media to manipulate us into thinking that beauty is only the women we see on television with a tiny waist, flawless face, and alluring body. We have allowed ourselves to become vulnerable to social media’s negative influence for so long, letting it mock our flaws and letting it create a world of tainted truths. Such a world has lead women to believe that they will never be worthy enough to be called such a distinguished term as, “beautiful.” But why? Why can’t we fight against this modern dilemma, redefining the word beauty? We have the power and capability to change this misconception.


    So what defines beauty? According to women, beauty should be defined as the ability to embrace one’s insecurities and acknowledge that those particular insecurities are actually what makes everyone beautiful and unique. Beauty is the love you radiate into this world, it’s your warm smile, your voice that you use to speak out against injustice, it’s your wisdom, it’s your courage, it’s simply being you.


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