Red Rock open mic night: Jan 17

Red Rock open mic night: Jan 17

Sanskriti Sharma

     On Friday the 17th, Red Rock Cafe hosted a teens open mic night. Teenagers from ages 13-19 had the opportunity to showcase their talents to a crowd full of familiar faces.

“I loved it; the whole atmosphere was so welcoming and warm and it made me happy how supportive the crowd was,” Shira Davidson (a performer and freshman at MVHS) said. A wide range of people performed different songs and poems; some even performed originals.  All the performers seemed to have an excellent experience and were able to express themselves freely. They felt like it was a safe space and their level of talent (or lack thereof) would not incite judgement.

“This venue gave me the confidence to express myself,” Mirko Mostaghimi, MVHS senior, said after he performed one of his own songs. Another performer, Robert Sanders, MVHS freshman, suggested that other people get motivated and try it out as it’s an easy crowd and a free event. Some videos of the performances are given below:


Jimmy Levi:


Shira Davidson and Bella Michelucci:


David Courter:


Antonio Jenez:


Mirko Mostaghimi:


Isabella Chu:



Robert Sanders: