Meet the 2022 Homecoming Court


Photo by Naina Srivastava

Ella Persky and Marissa Chao

Each year, seniors are nominated for homecoming court by peers and teachers. Two of the sixteen seniors on the court will be crowned royalty at the football game Friday, after students vote for their favorite candidates. Here’s this year’s Homecoming Court.




Brent Bennion:

“I am a part of Sixth Man, Spartan Buddies, basketball, lacrosse, football, ASB, and more. I am super excited to be nominated and I’ve been wanting to be on Homecoming Court for a very long time. I’m excited for all the activities and can’t wait to see who gets crowned royalty.”











Eliza Blake:

“At MVHS, I have been the most involved in choir. I have spent four years in the choir program here, including three within our Madrigal choir. I have also been a part of choir leadership freshman, junior, and senior year, and I’ve been involved in ASB for two years now, and have served on the Dance Committee. This year I have become treasurer of the OnTrend Collaborators club, for which I volunteer every Saturday morning. I am honored that I was nominated, and think that it has been so fun to participate in court activities.”











Sawyer Gaviria: 

“I am a part of Sixth Man, ASB, Madrigals, AP course, water polo, and swim. I’m excited to ride in the car in the parade, but I’m a little nervous to walk in front of everyone during halftime.”











Manu Gupta: 

“I am a three year varsity volleyball player, and I’m on the executive board of Ambassadors. I organize Transfer Picnics, tours for students, and make sure all transfer students feel welcome. I also am an ELD Tutor, and help with events such as Spartans Pause, ELD Picnics, Freshman Lessons, Wellness Week and Mental Health Awareness Week. I was very surprised to be nominated. My mouth was gaping when I got the email. I am still surprised, but now really excited and honored to be on the court.”











Sara Heydari:

Heydari has participated in ASB for three years, and currently serves as the senior class secretary. She is also the vice president of the Persian Cultural Club, and is active in Spartan Buddies.










Heydari did not respond to interview requests.


Millie Kopp: 

“At MVHS I have served on the TEDx board for the past four years. I was the head of logistics last year and currently serve as the Executive Producer. I also have been a part of the Sixth Man club for the past four years. At the beginning of my senior year, I started a club at MVHS to encourage students to volunteer with a nationwide program I founded. I have also been on the girls varsity volleyball team for the past three years as the starting outside hitter, kill leader, and captain.”










Devan Melwani:

“I have loved getting involved at MVHS. I have been part of the Ambassadors Organization since the end of my freshman year, where I take charge of planning the monthly Spartans Pause. I also have been a Pod Leader and a Pod Commissioner as well as a part of Key Club since the beginning of my freshman year, and I am the current secretary for the South Asian Student Union. I feel so excited [to be nominated]. When I got the email that I was on the court last Friday afternoon, I literally screamed because I was so excited. Honestly, I would love to win Homecoming royalty, but I also have so much fun with just the experience of being on Court.”











Toki Morimoto:

“I am the ASB president, and have been in it for four years. I am also the Girls Varsity Basketball captain, and am the National Honors Society president,” Morimoto said. “I’m honored to be nominated, and I can’t wait for the fun activities that await us this week, especially the parade and the football game on Friday.”










Tyler Norris:

“I am involved in ASB, choir, Sixth Man, and volleyball. I am really honored to be nominated and I’m really grateful that I have people around me that are supportive. This is something I’ve wanted because I was a part of helping out with Homecoming Week last year, so I saw everything and wanted to create a video and ride in the parade.”









Precious Nyarko:

Nyarko is president of Black Student Union and the Me Too club. She is also a member of ASB and AVID, as well as a worker at Gold Star Gymnastics.

Nyarko declined to interview.


Gabriel Selaya:

I am involved with Spartan Buddies, Pep Band, and Dance Spectrum. I am a member of our Spartan Buddies Club.  I love music and help to conduct the Spartan Sound Pep Band. I have danced with Dance Spectrum for three years. I love the art of Japanese Taiko Drumming and teach drumming at MVHS. I love the 49ers, Giants, Sharks, Warriors, and the MVHS Spartans.”









Kate Stone:

“I am heavily involved in sports at MVHS. I have been running ross country and track and playing on the soccer team for all four years, taking on captain roles in those teams for my junior and senior year. I am also very involved in Spartan Buddies as its president, and I am also vice president of National Honor Society. I’m super excited to be nominated. All of the activities this week are so fun and I can’t want to be apart of them. I feel very honored and grateful to be able to represent my school on the court.”










Kobe Tamada:

“I have been involved with Ambassadors, varsity Track and Field, basketball, and I am a co-founder of the weightlifting club. I feel thrilled that I am given the opportunity to shine like this, I’ve enjoyed every second and I am incredibly grateful that I am able to be a part of it. It even gives me the chance to follow in my sister’s footsteps, who was royalty in 2019.”










Andi Turner:

“I am in ASB’s recognition committee where we recognize students and teachers based on more than just academics. I am on the Sixth Man board as the secretary, we hype up all sporting games and create themes. I have been on varsity volleyball all four years, and we’ve made it to states every year. It [being nominated] was unexpected but I am excited, and the activities we get to do are super fun.” 











Barbod Vaezeafshar:

“I have been part of Mountain View’s cross country and track teams since freshman year. I’m currently one of the captains of the cross country team. I have also been part of Ambassadors since my sophomore year, and I’m proud to be the president of Ambassadors and the head of the ELD Committee. I’m really excited to be part of Homecoming Court this year, and it’s been such a fun time so far.”










Jason Zhang:

“At MVHS, I’ve served as the Class President for my grade throughout high school, planning and organizing numerous events like the Virtual Talent Show or Homecoming Social events. I’ve also been involved in the Speech & Debate club for three years, I’m the president of the Ignition Club, a project based computer science club on campus attending coding competitions and hackathons, and I’ve played varsity school tennis team freshman year through junior year. I feel incredibly excited and honored to be nominated. I’m really grateful to have this opportunity to represent the school and can’t wait to enjoy Homecoming Week with my closest friends and communities at school.”