Dance Spectrum Show 12/6/13


Stefano Scotti

On December 6th at lunch in the gym and 8:00 P.M. in the theatre, Dance Spectrum performed its annual winter showcase, with this year’s theme being “All Around the World.” Inspired by different dance styles across the globe, the dances ranged from France, Africa, and our very own West Coast. The night concert also featured the Madrigals singing their version of “Jingle Bells.”




Turnout and crowd participation was especially high. During both the lunch and night performance, all seats were filled and the remaining audience was standing or sitting on the ground.

“The energy was amazing.” sophomore dancer Nikki Moslehi said. “There was a big turnout; the crowd was really supportive and into all the dances.”


The theme of the dance was also met with large success. Crowd participation, such as clapping with the drummer during the African dances, or cheering on individual dancers, was all positive and fed into the energy of the performance.

“The coolest thing about the choreography was how the dancers tackled diverse styles.” junior Joe Fisher said. “It wasn’t just the normal hip-hop, they expanded their dance styles to traditional Hawaiian dances, traditional African dances, etc.”


Overall, Dance Spectrum put on an amazing show, exposing the audience to many different dances styles and bonding together students of all cultures across different grades.

“All the rehearsals were really crazy, but at the actual show we were able to put it all together.” junior dancer Erika Walther said. “It was amazing to see all the dances come together and how everyone in Dance Spectrum came together because of the program.”


Finally, Jim Radford had a resonating final statement of the performance. “Dance Spectrum truly brings happiness to me and my life. Working with other dancers creates this environment of teamwork which is truly swaggie.”

Dance Spectrum Program

A Cause Des Garcon

Choreography: Marisa Gong and Grace Tankersley


Choreography: Ibou N’gom

Venetian Carnival

Choreography: Yuna Choi and Vrindha Giritharan

California Love

Choreography: Jamie Bindon and Cohen Cook

Island Vibes

Choreographers: Macknezie Dedrick, Madee Norona, Odallys Vallejo, Amelia Wong

Hide and Seek

Choreography: Maggie Costales


Choreography: Cohen Cook and Sharona Wachuka

It Must Have Been Love

Dancer: Maggie Costales

All Around the World

Choreographers: Simran Dhalla, Megan Gruspe, Marie Johansen, Devon Johnson, John Phan, Sam Rubenstein, Haley Walker, Corinna Yanagawa