School sports form schedule for upcoming seasons, COVID tier threatens plans


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Sophia Sasaki

With COVID-19 guidelines constantly changing due to the increase in cases, it has been difficult for members of the California Interscholastic Federation to create a sports schedule for all schools that puts safety of players at the number on priority. While during a typical school year, there are three seasons of sports, Fall, Winter, and Spring that consist of league games, CCS meets/playoffs, and more, this year modifications have been made.

Even with the continued uncertainty about whether sports will be able to play this year in their modified seasons, Athletic Director Shelley Smith has been staying on top of changes made to guidelines with the hope of finding a safe way for students to participate in high school sports. While most of these changes to the way the sports season is organized and will occur is still subject to approval and change from the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League, the following update is the plan created for this year.   

This season is going to be so different, because it’s not really about winning or losing but enjoying getting to play with your teammates

According to Smith, the typical Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons have condensed into Seasons One, Two and Three. Season One was supposed to start on January 18, though was postponed to February 1, and Season Two and Three are scheduled to begin on March 1 and April 5 respectively.

Additionally, an email update from Mr. Panos, science teacher and girls varsity soccer coach, included more updates regarding the sports schedule created by the SCVAL Board. All sports will have the opportunity to play shortened seasons which will include two weeks of practice, a six week league and no playoffs. 

Panos’ email also stated that Season One will start on February first and end March 26 and will consist of cross country, girls golf, girls tennis, and swimming. 

Season Two is set to happen from March 1 to April 23 and consists of soccer, football, badminton, girls volleyball, and cheer. However if the county hasn’t dropped into the orange tier by March 29, then the season would be called off. 

Season Three is currently scheduled to occur from April 5 to May 28 and will include the rest of sports the school offers.

While the county is in the purple tier in regard to COVID-19 cases, high school sport teams are not allowed to play, especially now with the stay at home order. Additionally, certain sports will be cleared to play sooner than others due to what tier the county is in. 

Even as the schedules are still subject to change, because of the uncertainty regarding how long the county will stay in the purple tier, Smith is hopeful that students will get the opportunity to play their sport this year.

“The goal is to get everyone together and just enjoy being outside and playing again together, as well as having fun and to have a competitive atmosphere. This season is going to be so different, because it’s not really about winning or losing but enjoying getting to play with your teammates,” Smith said.