COVID protocol updated in principal’s newsletter


Nicole Wagenbrenner

Quarantine Guidelines: 

In a letter sent to students on Jan. 10, Principal Mike Jimenez announced that students and staff must adhere to the California Department of Public Health’s authorization of a five–day quarantine immediately upon testing positive for COVID. If on day five a student tests negative through an antigen test and remains symptom free, the student is eligible for on-campus return. If a student continues to test positive after day five of quarantine, they must remain quarantined through day 10. After day 10, the student is eligible for return and no positive COVID test is required.

No Hybrid-Learning:

In an email sent to staff on Jan. 10, Jimenez declared that classes will not begin virtual hybrid learning despite the increased number of Omicron cases on campus. 

“We are still 100% in-person learning. If there is to be a change the direction will come from the [District] board,” Jimenez said. 

QR Codes: 

On Monday Jan. 10, administration posted both staff and student QR codes on all classroom doors. Jimenez urges that all students and teachers scan the QR codes with their device each morning when they enter campus to detect symptoms. 

Available N95 Masks: 

On Friday Jan. 21, Assistant Principal Daniella Quinoñes emailed all students that N95 facial masks are accessible in the administration office. As of last week, the admin received a shipment of approximately 48,000 high-grade N95 masks from the State of California and the federal government. Santa Clara County’s Office of Education will continue to distribute masks monthly through the remainder of the year.

Cancellation of Overnight Trips: 

In an email sent to staff on Wednesday Jan. 12, Jimenez announced that all overnight field trips and retreats have been canceled for January. Overnight trips scheduled in February and thereafter are still scheduled until further notice. String and Chamber Orchestra’s overnight trip to YMCA’s Camp Campbell Orchestra Camp scheduled Friday Jan. 14 to Monday Jan 17 has also been canceled due to recent surges in Omicron.