Safer alternatives to Trick-Or-Treating


Jackson Cummings

With the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic, standard trick-or-treating has become a threat to public health. Keeping said public health and spookiness in mind, consider the following alternatives to trick-or-treating. 

Watch a Horror Movie

One alternative is simply to just stay home. Although, simply just sitting around wouldn’t be much fun, so why not get into the Halloween spirit with some scary movies! 

Horror movies are a great way of guaranteeing a spine-rattling experience. Watching a movie wouldn’t even have to be done alone. It’s possible to either watch it with others who may live in the same home or to host a Netflix party with some friends on call. Either way, if being cuddled up in bed while watching Halloween, on Halloween, sounds fun, consider that as an alternative.

Play a Horror Game

If movies are too boring, perhaps a more interactive experience is an order. That experience being horror games, a fitting alternative to trick-or-treating.

A good horror game would be much more than a frightening experience. There’s also a degree of control in horror games that further stimulate said freight. Moreover, it wouldn’t even have to be done alone, similar to a horror movie. With games such as Dead By Daylight, it would even allow a sense of empathy to transpire between friends, in addition to fear. In any case, a spooky game on Halloween night could serve as a great alternative to trick-or-treating. 

Pull a Halloween Prank

For those too active to be holed up inside, there’s always the option of friendly mischief. Consider giving rule-breakers a good scare with a prank I call the “Bait-n-Scare,” a Halloween prank bound to cause laughter for both parties.

In order to carry out the Bait-n-Scare, the first step is to leave a “take one only” bowl just outside. The next step is to find a place to hide, particularly one where both the candy and trick-or-treater are easily visible. If the potential prank victim only takes one piece, or they aren’t wearing a mask, do nothing. However, if the potential prank victim takes more than one piece while wearing a mask, carry out the final step. The final step is to jump out of the hiding place and give that person a good scare from a distance! 

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Social Distanced Trick-Or-Treating

While standard trick-or-treating isn’t necessarily corona-friendly, this constraint shouldn’t exclude any safer variations of trick-or-treating. 

In order to hand out/recieve candy more safely, there’ll need to be a few rules. Most importantly, both the receivers and givers need to be both wearing masks. Moreover, keeping a distance of six feet apart is also essential to public safety. Although it seems difficult to keep a safe distance, come the actual exchange, it’s possible to either toss the candy or use a grabbing stick. If that seems appealing, perhaps try trick-or-treating while keeping these guidelines in mind. 

Happy Halloween!