Netflix shows to binge-watch during the quarantine


Nakai Brock

Tiger King

Summary: Tiger King is an eight-episode true-crime documentary following the turbulent life of Joe Exotic and other big cat owners in the United States. Joe Exotic is quite the eccentric character, and the show follows all of the enticing drama that unfolds from cults to possible murder attempts that leads to his prison sentence. 

Final Rating: 9/10

Review: Coming into this show I did not really know what to expect, I thought it would simply be a documentary about big cat owners. I was so surprised when I was met with the enticing and dramatic life of Joe Exotic and his everlasting feud against his nemesis, Carol Baskin. I was so blown away when learning more about these people and their lives, it is almost hard to believe that all of it is real with characters so interesting and offbeat you can’t help but laugh.

Outer Banks

Summary: After the death of John B’s father, a series of clues leads this group of teenagers from the wrong side of town on an exciting hunt for a hidden fortune. The group of four faces many challenges and come face to face with an extremely dangerous situation. With help and friendships found in unexpected places, there are surprises hiding around every corner.

Final Rating: 8/10

Review: For me, this was the perfect quarantine binge. It is a very captivating show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering where the mystery will lead. While I would recommend the show, it did not make my favorites list simply because I am not as interested in the teen drama and mystery genre. I felt that at some parts throughout the show it failed to fully capture my interest but it was a great way to pass the time. It seems that the internet can not get enough of this drama-filled show as it is hard to visit sites like Buzzfeed or TikTok without seeing some content on the show. If mystery and teen dramas are shows that never fail to capture your interest, I would highly recommend Outer Banks.


Summary: Hollywood shows an idealized world of what Hollywood could have been if people were willing to take that risky step to further equality and representation in films.In 1947, racism and homophobia was a prominent fact?in people’s lives. When a group of young hopeful stars hope to change the narrative in Hollywood, they make history by shining a light on these underrepresented experiences and break down all of the barriers. 

Final Rating: 10/10

Review: After watching Hollywood, I can say that it is now one of my favorite shows. It is filled with drama and scandal yet highlights some very important issues that take place in Hollywood. The show features a few historical well-known actors such as Rock Hudson, Vivien Leigh, Hattie Mcdaniel, and Anna May Wong. Hollywood tackles prominent issues in both Hollywood and our day-to-day lives such as racism and homophobia while still bringing us a fun story that we can not help but love. As someone who has a passion for social justice issues and equality, this show immediately drew me in. Lack of representation in Hollywood is a major issue so I found it refreshing how openly this show addressed this problem.

Too Hot to Handle

Summary: A Netflix dating show but with a twist: the contestants are not able to have physical contact with one another. Instead, the show is ensuring that the contestants form real emotional connections with one another and not base relationships on any physical attraction. 

Final Rating: 7/10

Review: For me, this was not a show to come back and watch again, but rather a perfect show to pass the time. If you are looking for a quick watch this show is the perfect fit. It is a drama-filled show with scandal and intrigue as the contestants are trapped together on a deserted island with rules determining how they act around one another. I loved all of the drama in the show and enjoyed watching it, however, reality dating shows are not shows that immediately captivated my interest. Reality dating shows for me are shows that I turn to when I have nothing else to watch. If you are looking for a perfect quarantine pass time or happen to love reality dating shows, Too Hot to Handle is the perfect watch.