Novel coronavirus update: school to remain open, school activities under review, hand washing stations incoming


Oracle Staff

Update March. 10: Several out of state and country trips and on-campus events have been canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19. Among the events listed as canceled for the school are the Madrigal’s music tour to New Zealand, the robotics regional competition, and various others. A complete list can be seen on the MVLA website. Events after the spring break have not been decided upon yet.

In a letter to MVLA parents, staff, and community published March 6 on the novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19, Superintendent Nellie Meyer said the district will install strategically portable washing stations on all high school campuses within the next week.  The letter also said the custodial staff will wipe down all desks, doorknobs, and other surfaces at the end of the school day. 

According to the letter, the district is working with the county to develop protocol for gatherings such as athletic events and field trips and that all events are under review and subject to cancellation if appropriate. Factors listed as in consideration during the creation of this procedure are gathering size, whether or not attendees are part of an at-risk demographic, the distance that can be maintained between attendees, duration of the event, and the type of event such as extracurricular or academic. In tonight’s board meeting whether or not the event is open to community members or limited to members of the school is an additional factor. 

students are in a low-risk demographic for the disease

In the letter, Meyer said that at the recommendation of the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department school would remain in session as students are in a low-risk demographic for the disease, however, students with preexisting health conditions that make them more vulnerable to the virus are encouraged to contact the district. 

Meyer referenced a March 5 recommendation sheet for schools from the health department that said, “As much as possible, students and staff should be allowed to carry on with their education and normal activities.” 

According to the SCPHD website, a woman in her 60’s who died this morning in El Camino Hospital is the first death in the county related to COVID-19. 

For more general information on COVID-19 click here to get to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official information page.