Top 10 Romance Movies for Valentine’s Day

Marcella Sakols

Love, Simon (2018)

Love, Simon is a romance film about 17-year-old Simon Spier, a closeted gay teen navigating high school. After finding out there is another gay boy at his school, who used the alias “Blue” to confess his sexuality on an anonymous website, Simon and Blue begin communicating through email, and Simon finds himself falling in love. After Simon and Blue’s messages are leaked on social media, Blue goes dark, and Simon must find the identity of the anonymous boy he’s fallen for.

Titanic (1997)

This historical classic follows the lives of lower-class Jack Dawson, who won his ticket for a third class spot on the Titanic in a lucky game of poker, and wealthy Rose DeWitt Bukater, who was on her journey home with her fiance from _____, on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. This story is told by an older version of Rose, recollecting the time she traveled on the Titanic as a 17-year-old and met Jack Dawson. Through unlikely circumstances, the two fell in love against the wishes of Rose’s mom.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

High school junior Lara Jean Covey, a hopeless romantic, wrote letters about all of her crushes as a way to preserve and cope with her strongest emotions and hid them in the back of her closet. . After her [older, younger] sister finds the box and mails them to each of Lara Jean’s ex-crushes. Lara Jean starts a fake relationship with one of her former crushes, Peter Kavinsky so that she can convince Josh, her sister’s ex-boyfriend, that she has lost interest in him. Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship becomes more real as they get closer and they start to become more than just friends.

Battle (2018)

This Netflix original is a Norwegian film about Amelie, an affluent competitive dancer with a perfect life, good friends, a boyfriend, and a social life. Out of nowhere her father reveals to her that he has gone bankrupt and their large house is foreclosed. Amelie and her father must move into a small apartment in the poorer area of the city, and Amelie finds herself losing her friends and her dancing career. As she looks for a studio to practice at, she meets Mikael, a boy who introduces her to hip hop and ends up falling in love with her.

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is a film about a young woman named Sophie living in Greece and running a hotel with her mother, Donna. While planning her wedding, Sophie stumbles upon an old journal of her mother’s, discussing three men she had relations with when she first moved to Greece, around the time Sophie was conceived. Wondering which man could be her father, Sophie invites all three men to her wedding behind her mother’s back. Once the men arrive, old memories and feelings are brought back to the forefront of Donna’s life and force her to confront her feelings towards these men.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

Elle Evans and best friend Lee Flynn, who have known each other their whole lives, create a set of rules outlining their friendship. Rule number nine states that family members of the best friend’s family are off limits in regards to dating, but Elle has always had a little crush on Lee’s older brother, Noah. As Lee and Elle make a kissing booth as a project for the school’s carnival, Elle and Lee are looking for students to participate in their booth. With not much interest, they turn to Lee’s brother in hopes that he will partake in this booth. After declining the offer, Elle and Lee participate in their booth. While blindfolded at the Booth, Noah saves Elle from embarrassment by kissing her, kick-starting their romantic relationship.

The Proposal

Margaret Tate is a Canadian woman living and working in the US, but is threatened to be deported back to Canada after she forgets to renew her Visa. In order to solve this issue, she strikes a deal with her assistant, Andrew Paxton. The deal was to publish his book if he agreed to marry her. In order to convince the skeptical immigration agent, they spend the weekend together at Andrew’s family’s house in Alaska together.

27 Dresses

Jane attends many weddings as a bridesmaid but has never gotten married herself. Every time she attends a wedding, she keeps the dress. As her boss and unrequited love becomes engaged to her younger sister, they plan the wedding. A wedding journalist shows up and interviews Jane about the 27 dresses that she has kept from previous weddings. They bond and through ups and downs discover a romantic relationship.

If I stay

Successful young cellist Mia Hall spends her life thinking that the most difficult part of her life would be choosing what to do with her life after high school. She could not decide whether or not to go to Juilliard, a famous art school, or spend her early adulthood with her boyfriend, Adam, who is also a musician. After a tragic car accident, Mia is stuck in a coma and must make a   decision.

Everything Everything

This romance film is about Maddy, a smart girl confined to the prison of her home and told she was unable to go into the world due to a weak immune system.  When another family moves in next door, Maddy begins texting the family’s son, Olly and communicating with him through their bedroom windows. They get closer and begin to form a closer relationship. Due to Maddy’s mother’s disapproval, Olly and Maddy run away and go on a life-risking journey.