So You Think You Can Dance: Staff Edition


We saw some students of Mountain View High School perform at the Dance Spectrum show this past weekend, but how about our teachers? We challenged some teachers to learn and perform some modern dance moves. Included in this video are Sr. Campbell, Mr. Fleischman, Mr. Payne, Ms. Marks, Mr. Heiken, Ms. Rosburg, Coach, Ms. Sakowicz, and Ms. Price. Comment below who you think won the MVHS Staff Edition of “So You Think You Can Dance!”

Ian Buenavantura
Ian is currently a senior who is one of the only few Seahawks fan in MVHS. She is passionate about hip hop dancing and is a member of Gold Star All Star hip hop Seniors Co-ed and Dance Spectrum. Ian truly thinks fashion and make-up are both beautiful.
Shayda Dehnow
A senior this year, Shayda is nostalgic, stubborn, and a feminist. She loves acting, J.D. Salinger, 80s rom-coms, slam poetry, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh, and she cries too much.

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