MVLA Announces New Grading Policy Results


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – The Mountain View Los Altos High School District (MVLA) is pleased to announce that 236 fewer “F” grades were earned during the fall semester of the 2013 school year than in 2012. This was the first semester that grades have been posted since the new district grading policy was adopted last spring. The new policy requires grade alignment in courses and encourages staff to provide motivation for students to achieve higher marks.

Both Mountain View and Los Altos High schools have the same weighted overall GPA of 3.45 (on a 4.0/5.0 scale). During the fall of 2012, the overall district GPA was 3.40. The total increase in the number of “A” grades was one percent.

District staff has worked hard to ensure that course teams have aligned grading and find ways to encourage students to work more effectively to pass courses. In particular, Mountain View High was successful in implementing strategies that resulted in a drop in the number of “F” semester grades from 319 to 118 over the course of one year.

Keith Moody, Mountain View High School Principal, stated “I‘m extremely pleased that the emphasis our teachers placed on aligning grading practices and systems has helped so many more of our students achieve academic success at all levels.”

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