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The end of school day is often associated with books being shoveled into backpacks hurriedly, chairs being pushed out with a disruptive sound, and students pouring out of classroom doors- but what is the motive that drives these students to pack up so hastily? Despite the desire to get out of class early, some students are also eager to explore unique and convenient spots to simply unwind with their friends. Downtown Mountain View and Los Altos are peppered with various hang out spots that host comfortable environments perfect for stressed students.

Convenient hang out spots are sprinkled all over Mountain View and Los Altos if you search closely. These few spots described above can supply a local and calming shelter from the sweat and stress of school for anyone.


In attempt to ward Mountain View High School couples from becoming just another Taylor Swift ballad, this article aims to discuss sophisticated theories drawing the difference between infatuation and genuine love, so that young adults may develop a higher wisdom about love as a whole.

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