Loss against PALY – The Dedication game to Kaufman


Rachel Ng

On Friday November 1, Spartan supporters and the MVHS football team traveled to Palo Alto High School to play against our rivals and support Barbara Kaufman, MVHS’s beloved teacher of the year, in her fight against breast cancer. Although the Spartans put up a good fight, PALY won 41 to 0. Despite the loss, Spartan spirit and love for Kaufman remained.

At the end of the first quarter, PALY was leading 13 to 0.

With seven minutes remaining until the end of the second quarter, PALY scored a touchdown, boosting the score to 20 to 0. Then, five minutes later, Keesean Johnson of PALY had a breakaway and was fouled. In the next minute, PALY scored in the second down. In the last thirty-four seconds of the second quarter, PALY scored again, leading into halftime with a score of 34 to 0.

During halftime, the MVHS spirit leaders performed with a Junior Cheer team, who range from the ages of four to twelve. Additionally, many fans wore pink for breast cancer awareness because of Kaufman’s recent diagnosis.

This seemed to give the Mountain View team a boost; in the third and fourth quarter, there wasn’t much action to report on PALY’s side. Mountain View’s defense was tighter–they only gave up 7 points at the beginning of the third quarter. At the beginning for the fourth quarter, Mountain View’s

Issiah Jackson made a run to the 40-yard line, moving the offensive line up. The final score of the game was 41 to 0 to PALY.

Although this was a tough loss, Coach Shelly and fans remains optimistic. After all, Keller Chryst, quarterback for PALY, is one of the top players in the high school division.

Coach Shelly said, “We just got to [sic] get back to the drawing board. See what we did good, see what we did bad, and then move on.”