Varsity cheer places first in division at nationals


Hallie Olson

The varsity cheer team placed first in their division, Varsity Small Coed Novice Division, at the World Class Cheerleading Nationals March 11 in Los Angeles. The judges commented on the team’s performance saying: “best motions so far in the competition,” “amazing and exciting dance section,” and “creative stunt section.”

“I think the kids themselves and the team itself is more serious,” assistant MVHS cheer coach Ryan Roa said. “We’ve had teams in the past that loved cheering, but they didn’t feel they needed to push themselves…this group of individuals are trying to make it to another level.”

MVHS’ cheer team began practicing in November and competed at regionals in December, taking first place. Head MVHS cheer coach Christina Cordero said that due to limited time between the football season, basketball season, and the holidays, the team only participated in one regional competition.

Teammates attribute their success to hard work and strong bonds.

“As we practice together and as we learn to trust each other, especially in stunts,…we get closer. That allows us to hit our stunts better and to do everything to our full potential,” sophomore Marco Torres said. “Everyone is trying as a family…I think all that practicing and all that trust that we put into it definitely adds up.”

Roa says that the large influx of athletes who joined the cheer team in 2014 contributed to their success.

“A lot of the kids on this team have been together for at least three years now,” Roa said. “This team has grown together and they want to see each other grow…because they’ve been able to bond together for those three years they are now pushing each other to get better and better.”

Junior Kara Grace Joves echoed this sentiment.

“It helps because you vibe off each other. You’re not performing as one person. You’re performing as a team and that shows a lot to the judges,” Joves said.

Cordero says that the team was very proud of their performance and proud to represent MVHS on the stage. She and Roa say they are very impressed with the team’s ability to learn a routine quickly and execute it well.