Getting to Know Next Year’s ASB Cabinet


Kathryn Kemp

On March 13, the ASB election results were released. Oracle has since interviewed the five ASB cabinet members for the 2017-18 school year to get a feel for each elect’s prior experiences, qualifications, and hopes for the upcoming year.

Arjun Gujral, President

Gujral hopes to bring MVHS closer together, raise school spirit to “a whole new level,” and ensure inclusivity on campus. It’s important to him that we strive to foster a culture on campus that allows all students the opportunity to develop their passions and have a great high school experience. Gujral’s qualifications include serving as his class’ Freshman and Sophomore Vice President and participating in a variety of clubs and sports at MVHS, which he feels allows him to represent the “broad spectrum of students” on campus. Gujral is looking forward to the opportunity to reach out to the student body and implement new ideas in the coming year.

Kalea Vandeventer, Vice President

Vandeventer primarily ran for Vice President because she hopes to lead ASB in making it more representative of all students and their interests. It’s important to her that ASB takes its role seriously and consist of a “reliable, honorable, and innovative group of leaders.” Kalea explained she strongly values a positive attitude, which aligns with her hopes for the coming school year to improve school spirit and higher attendance at school events. Additionally, it’s important to Vandeventer that MVHS provides the opportunity for students to voice their concerns and offer feedback, ultimately cultivating more “open discussion.”

Nomi Rosen, Secretary

Rosen is looking forward to the opportunity to further involve herself at MVHS as Secretary. Her prior leadership experience includes serving as Vice President of Logistics/Programing, Treasurer, and Apparel Chair for a youth group she’s been a part of for several years. Rosen is also very familiar with ASB, as she’s “subbed in” for the current secretary this year and is currently a part of the Staff Recognition Committee. As far as changes she hopes to implement in the upcoming school year, Rosen plans to better publicize the notes from business meetings.

Daniela Karchmer, Public Relations

Karchmer strongly believes in the importance of communication, which prompted her decision to run for PR. She feels that proper communication and keeping everyone informed can improve the sense of unity on campus. Also among her responsibilities for next year is coordinating the campus blood drives, which she hopes to make even more efficient and accessible. She feels her experience and skills gained this year as Junior Vice President, where she managed Homecoming Court, is very applicable to her future duties as PR.

Bryan Peltier, Treasurer

Peltier is excited for the chance to take action in areas important to him. As treasurer, Peltier is determined to ensure that students are granted equal opportunities regardless of their financial situations. In fact, he aspires to refine ASB’s scholarship program to better support the needs of some MVHS students. Furthermore, Peltier feels his experience as ASB Clubs Commissioner this year has prepared him well for the upcoming year, as he’s worked closely with the current year’s treasurer.