Prom to be held at Club Autosport, Mardi Gras themed


Mateo Kaiser

Article by Mateo Kaiser

Prom will be held at venue Club Autosport in San Jose, according to the ASB announcement on Friday, Feb. 17. The event, occurring on May 20 from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m., will have a “Midnight Mardigras” theme.

Prom Commissioner Mikaylah Mcculley said that she is enthusiastic about this year’s venue, which will include activities and games such as air hockey, basketball, and racing.

“Once you see it, It’s honestly so amazing, it’s huge, there’s so many rooms,” Mcculley said. “We have an arcade that’s going to be there, multiple dance rooms, an outdoor patio, and lots of desserts and drinks,”

According to Mcculley, the venue will be decorated with green, purple, and gold lights in accordance with the theme, and ASB members will be throwing beads periodically throughout the dance.

“I chose the theme because it’s a fun theme that has a pretty basic color scheme that is easy to follow and decorate for, plus when I think Mardi Gras it automatically makes reminds me of having a good time, which is something I think prom is all about!”

Senior Clarissa Pham said that she feels the arcade will make prom more inclusive, especially for students who don’t enjoy dancing but still hope to participate.

“I’m really glad that they have an arcade at prom this year,” Pham said. “I’m not the biggest fan of dances, so I think it’s really cool that there will be other things to do. I think this will attract more students and make dances like prom less intimidating and boring for people who don’t necessarily like dancing for hours.”

Tickets started selling on Jan. 30, and the final date for purchase is still undecided.


Jan. 30 – Feb. 26: $45 with ASB, $50 without

Feb. 27 – March 26: $60 with ASB, $65 without

March 27th – April 23: $70 with ASB, $75 without

April 24th – TBD: $85 with ASB, $90 without