Consent Q&A

1) What does consent mean to you in terms of sex or sexual activity?
2) How should one ideally ask for consent?
3) How should one ideally offer their consent?

Ronak Agarwal, 12
1) Consent means to agree that “I’m fine with having sex”
2) To first ask their parents and to see if it’s okay. If the parents say yes it’s fine, then it’s okay.
3) By expressing their love, hugging them often, kissing them often; that’s an indirect way of offering their consent

Orlean Rallos, 11
1) Consent means that you both are comfortable partaking in sexual intercourse
2) To hold a conversation with your partner as to whether or not they are comfortable with doing so
3) By expressing physical and vocal approval of such actions

Alex Mayer, 12
1) Both parties agree that they are ready and prepared and willing to engage in sexual activity
2) There has to be a conversation. There’s no good way to assume or lead someone on. It might be awkward, but it’s the best way to have that conversation.
3) Same way. It’s mutual.

Rachel Schultz, 10
1) Consent means that both people who are having sex with each other are both wanting to do that and both know that the other person wants to do that
2) To ask for consent, you should just ask. Be like “do you want do this?”. If they say “maybe not” then you have to respect that. Just ask.
3) If they say “okay” or “great” then go for it.

Araya McNeal, 10
1) Consent in terms of sex or sexual activity to me means that you openly agree to having sex with your partner.
2) I think that one ideally asks for consent by making sure that your partner is okay with going through with the sexual acts, by asking.
3) One ideally offers their consent by telling their partner that they are open and okay to going through with the sexual acts or sex.

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