Pilot Program for extended hours at the MVHS Library complete


Avanti Puri

UPDATE: As of Feb. 27, extended hours are a permanent feature of the Library every week from Monday through Thursday until 6 pm. During extended hours, textbooks are available, but the Tutorial Center remains closed.

MVHS decided to introduce an extended library hours program beginning in January in order to allow students a place to do work beyond school hours. The idea arose after LAHS piloted a similar program. Further, MVHS conducted a survey in which students and parents were asked how the school could ease the day stress-wise. Extended hours may continue based on student feedback.

“Because of the success [at Los Altos], the foundation agreed to support and fund ours here,”  said school librarian Susan Lamarche.

Today was the last day of the pilot program although hours may be continued based on the results of the program and student feedback.

“You can ask for help if you need help with a subject. Also, it’s a good place to be to have just a place to study and to get things done while you’re waiting for an after school sport or parent that’s not quite available to pick up,” Lamarche said.

Lamarche indicated that there is some interest in having the library open longer all four days of the school week, sans Friday, but the result from the trial period will indicate whether there is a need for it.

“[Extended hours] are a great option for students to have, especially the way it’s set up with teachers across the different disciplines, so that there’s an expert for any student to refer to,” English teacher Benjamin Chang said.

According to Lamarche, the student feedback at the end of the trial period will help determine a more fixed schedule regarding which days will offer extended hours.

“My parents usually can’t pick me up, so I have a ride system that drops me home. Because it wasn’t scheduled today, I was able to stay back and finish my work,” freshman Priya Jain said. “There are a lot of distractions at home, so I get my work done efficiently here. My friends are here with me, which is really nice. Also, if I do need to talk to a teacher, I can go ask them for help.”