Three students taken into custody for threats against school

MVPD took three MVHS students into custody.

MVPD took three MVHS students into custody.

This morning at 6:30 am, Mountain View Police Department contacted MVHS administration and informed them of potential threats to the safety of MVHS students. According to Principal David Grissom, a parent of a student contacted the police last night to inform them that a student had made possible threats against the school on social media. At the time when administration was informed of the situation, the police placed three students in custody and searched their houses.

According to the police summary released by MVPD, the students were “detained, interviewed and subsequently arrested.” The report said that they violated penal codes (PC) 442, making threats, and PC 182, conspiring to commit a crime. The students involved are now facing felony charges.

According to Grissom, MVPD did not find anything inappropriate, and now have no reason to believe such a threat exists.

When students violate the school code of conduct, they have the right to due process. MVHS administration is still deciding upon consequences for the three perpetrators.

“Students safety always needs to be our top priority and so if students see something on social media or hear rumors,” Grissom said about the situation. “Administratively, that’s why we’re here. We’re here to make sure that everybody feels safe and that it’s a safe place…If there’s any concern please bring that to administration.”

The statement released by the police also said that students should be cautious of what they say on social media.

“We want to take a moment to remind those who use social media that anything that is posted that comes across as a threat will be taken seriously,” MVPD said in the statement.


Read the police summary here.

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