Vandals damage MVHS bathrooms

Vandals damage MVHS bathrooms

Caitlin Connell

Three restrooms were shut down due to vandalism on Sept. 26. Girls’ bathrooms in the 100 and 200 wings, along with a boys’ bathroom in the 200 wing, were vandalized yesterday during school hours. The boys’ bathroom was vandalized again today.

In the boys’ bathroom, the still unidentified vandals spread hand soap all over the floor. The next day, the students broke the soap dispensers.

In the 200 wing girls’ restroom, super glue was put under the dispensers, and some students were left with glue on their hands.

The last girls’ restroom in the 100 wing was shut down today due to smoking. According to Vice Principal Lynne Ewald, the remaining smell made it clear what had been going on.

Ewald said that vandalism and illicit activity will not be tolerated, and the restrooms will reopen once their conditions are restored.

None of the vandals have been caught yet by administration.

Vandalism is a violation of the student code of conduct and can lead to school suspension or expulsion. Students are urged to report issues to administration, so that action can be taken sooner.
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