Prom venue announced


Sanskriti Sharma

This year’s Prom was announced on Friday, Feb. 26th. It will be New York themed and located in the Village in San Francisco on Saturday, May 21st from 7pm-12pm. “Empire State of Mind” will include several New York elements such as street signs, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. The venue has multiple stories, with the top floor overlooking the city and functioning as the dance floor. The bottom floor will be utilized as a lobby with mood music and food.

“I love that prom this year is New York themed because it hasn’t been done before and it’s something new to our school,” senior Rohit Padmakumar said. “I’m super pumped about it being in the city and at the village also because it has hella cool lights inside and overall the building is sick to have a dance at.”

Students can buy tickets until Thursday, May 19th and the prices are as following:

March: $120 with ASB, $125 without

April: $130 with ASB, $135 without

May: $140 with ASB, $145 without

Some images from the announcement: