New vending machine on campus


Annie Rustum

A new vending machine was installed between the science quad and the back parking lot at Mountain View High School on Wednesday, Feb. 3. This installment took just over a year of organization from MVHS senior Sam Rubinstein, the Associated Student Body adviser Jared Darby, and MVHS assistant principal William Blair.  

The machine was requested by upperclassmen who spend time in the back parking lot and science quad. They felt they did not have enough time to grab snacks from the vending machine by the cafeteria during the 15 minute break.

The idea was proposed November of 2014, and since then, Rubinstein has worked with ASB and administration to install the machine.

Meetings with Rubinstein, administration, and different companies were required. A new outlet by the science wing for the machine needed to be installed as well.

“I think the other more abstract benefit of this vending machine is that it shows that the administration is super willing to listen to the suggestions of students and help them accomplish anything they want on campus within reason,” Rubinstein said. “The vending machine is kind of like a statement that the administration is on our side and is looking out for our best interests.”

A new variety of snacks include pretzels, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, granola bars, water, and chips.

“Completing this project was a huge relief just because it took so long, and it was awesome seeing a tangible change, even though it’s pretty small, on campus before I graduate,” Rubinstein said.