The Transition into Mountain View High School


Aashik Raman



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At Mountain View High School, the majority of students will never realize what it is like to go through high school with a disability that inhibits one’s ability to learn, or interact with the student body. Those who do have been receiving social and educational help through different programs and clubs that are offered here at Mountain View High School.

One way that students from both the special education program and from the mainstream program can interact with each other is through different clubs on campus. Spartan Buddies, one of the numerous clubs at Mountain View High School, is one such club. Its members interact as well as dedicate their time to forming lifetime bonds with other students on campus whether they are a part of the special program or a part of the mainstream program.

At the beginning of the school year, members from each program are paired together by interests found through an interviewing process and do activities together for the whole year. For Lauren Burns, former president of the Spartan Buddies Club, this was her favorite memory, “The matching party is an event that stands out every year. It’s a joy to see all the buddies meet each other for the first time. The energy in the room is always incredibly exciting.”

As for her inspiration for joining the club, Burns said that she was inspired to join the club because of, “Its [Spartan Buddies’] positive message and friendly atmosphere. Everyone in the club is there to make friends and it’s a really happy environment to be in.” For these reasons Burns and many more students have helped the club grow.

In the recent school year the club reached an upward of thirty-eight members with aspirations of growth in the future. Burns said,  “I think that Spartan Buddies does a lot for the MVHS community as a whole because it connects students who may not normally have the opportunity to interact or even meet. It fosters lasting friendships that I’ve seen continued post-graduation which I think is really special.” Burns recently graduated high school and now attends college at the University of Washington in St. Louis, however when she returns home during breaks or over the summer she frequently continues to spend time with her former buddies who have either graduated or continue their education here at Mountain View High School.