Homecoming Court Selection Process

Sheli Yaskin

With the recent announcement of homecoming court, students of MVHS have been wondering how the selection of the court works. Allie Coyne, the ASB Junior Vice President, explained how the homecoming court selection is carefully made.

A month before homecoming, ballots are given in all senior history courses, as history is required for all seniors.

On the ballots, seniors write down the names of eight girls and eight boys who attend Mountain View. Teachers also fill out the ballot, but their votes count as 4 student votes, because their connections with the seniors are based on their work ethics, teamwork, and participation in class.

The ballots are collected by the MVHS student body (asb), and non-senior ASB members count each nominee’s tallies on separate spreadsheets. After, Jared Darby, the ASB advisor, collects all the names onto one spreadsheet, and the members of the homecoming court are selected, but the process is not over.

Homecoming court couples are paired by their hobbies, personalities, and activities. As for the homecoming king and queen, they are selected based on votes of students at lunchtime. Vote for the 2015-2016 homecoming king and queen this year during lunch since homecoming is approaching!

Congrats to the 2015-2016 homecoming court couples:

Samantha Mozer – Brian Luna

Sy Gitin – Ricky Elder

Grace Tankersley – Danny Holton

Aria Catano – Josue Ortiz

Elaine Giles – Colton Stearns

Samantha Rubinstein – Felipe Silveira

Katie Moran – Tim Ko

Dominique Lau – Alex Starr

Emily White – Young Kim