10 things you should know about Mrs. Marks


Sanskriti Sharma

Kimmy Marks, a Psychology and US History teacher, is a new addition to our MVHS family this year. Here are ten things you may not know about her:

  1. She grew up in San Jose and attended Lynbrook High School, eventually graduating from college and teaching at her alma mater for 12 years before coming to Mountain View.
  2. She went to 3 different colleges for her undergrad, starting at UC Santa Barbara, then moving to Azuca, then to UCLA, and finally going back to UCSB to complete her undergraduate program. Then, she went to Stanford and earned her masters for teaching.
  3. The three words she would use to describe her teaching experience with are: life-giving, challenging, and rewarding
  4. Her hobbies include running, cooking, reading, drinking coffee, watching college football, golfing, and hanging out in Japanese tea gardens (she even got married in one).
  5. She has been married for over 12 years, but has known her husband her entire life (she knew on their second date that he was the one). “My marriage has allowed me to be the truest version of myself and has given me the chance to live outside my boundaries,” Marks said.
  6. She has two kids: Judah (7) and Finn (5).
  7. An ideal day in Mrs. Mark’s life would consist of waking up to a cup of coffee overlooking the beach, taking a run in a beautiful nature hike, going to the ferry building in San Francisco with her family, and last going out to a nice dinner followed by a night walk.
  8. Every Monday during Bachelor/Bachelorette season, more than 18 people (most being men) come to her house to eat and watch the episode. She claims to may or may not have watched all the seasons of the shows.
  9. Every Friday, she tells her students, “Go be 16, but be wise.” She believes that students at this age are consumed with the future, and due to this, end up missing out on relationships and experiences in the present. Her main advice is simply, to live in the moment.
  10. Mrs. Marks biggest life goals are to live her life with authenticity, to love deeply, and to live out the truest version of what she is created to be. She would also like to teach her children and students these values.