Library undergoes recent renovations


Allie Caccamo

Upon entering the Mountain View High School Library for the first time this year, many students were struck by the new, more open layout of the room. This modification is only a fraction of the renovations to come; the MVHS library will soon feature built-in group-study areas, new media equipment for school projects, and even the beginnings of a Maker’s Station where students can do simple handicrafts.


MVHS librarian Susan Lamarche spoke about the library’s plans and goals for this year. The library is staff is in the midst of a large weeding project, the first at MVHS in over a decade. Weeding involves identifying and withdrawing books from a library’s collection. At Mountain View, books containing outdated information or those in poor condition have been retired. Some books are temporarily being stored on carts, but will soon have a permanent place on new shelves.


Some reference books have been folded into the rest of the non fiction collection, and will likely now be available for checkout.


“We really wanted to create more collaborative seating space and a little less shelf-space for books that are being unused,” Lamarche said, regarding her goals for the future of the library, “so we combined the renovation with this giant weeding project.”


The library is awaiting construction on several new built-in features. A whiteboard will soon be installed for group study or possibly even projections. There will also be new, divided areas for small groups to collaborate, discuss, and study together.


Another project in the works is a Maker’s Station. “We’re trying to create a space where students can come and do small, straight forward, break-from-schoolwork types of activities,” Lamarche said.


While the timeline for the renovations is subject to change, Lamarche estimates that the projects will be complete by either late September or early October, barring any unforeseen glitches.  


Junior Daniel Zarghampour commented on the new space, “Since everyone does their homework at the library, I think it’s great that there is going to be so much more space for people to work together.”


While MVHS students pioneer the new Bring Your Own Device Program, the library too is embracing new forms of media. Last spring, the Silicon Valley Gives event in partnership with the MVLA foundation awarded a grant to the MVHS and Los Altos High School Library. The grant will provide our library with three new Apple computers, equipped with professional software for video editing projects, video cameras available for checkout, and even green screen equipment for multi-media projects. “With the generous response that far exceeded our expectations, we’ve been able to purchase equipment to support student learning and creativity.  The equipment will be implemented into the MVHS Library offerings as the on-going renovations allow,” Lamarche said.


“We want the space to be a place of multiple uses,” Lamarche said. “We want to create more table tops where kids can have their devices out. A place where students can relax and work together.”