MVHS Gardening Club


Amira Patrawala

The Mountain View High School Gardening Club, founded by sophomore Serena Myjer, aims to teach its members how to properly raise plants by taking care of the Special Needs garden. This new club will be planting a variety of seasonal vegetables and flowers in the planter boxes near the back of the school.

This club was created this year when Myjer found out that the parent who previously took care of the Special Needs garden could no longer take care it. Myjer thought that a Gardening club could involve Special Needs kids and help them become more involved in the school community.

“My mom and I are really into gardening; our whole backyard is a garden, so I thought that my mom could help me with a gardening club,” Myjer said. “I thought that it would be good to take care of the garden, put in cool stuff and incorporate the Special Ed kids into our meetings and teach them about taking care of a garden.”

The club will be hosting fundraisers to pay for materials: soil, plants and tools.

“We just started a couple weeks ago, but we will doing some fundraisers. We just sold vegetables at Back to School Night,” Myjer said.

Myjer predicts the club won’t be able to harvest enough vegetables to sell this semester, but hopes that the experience of managing a garden will be rewarding nonetheless.

“We will probably just end up eating the harvested vegetables ourselves or giving them to the Special Needs kids’ classes,” Myjer said.