10 Facts about Ms. Lin


Kimia Izadinia

  1. Ms. Lin grew up in Milpitas and went to St. Francis High School. She’s very familiar with the area.

  2. Before working at MVHS she did a lot of tutoring. “[Tutoring] was why I went into teaching, I felt like it was a really good fit for me.”

  3. In her younger years, she worked in a card store, and one of her jobs was to straighten the greeting cards. “Now it’s a compulsive habit for me to straighten up cards whenever I go to Hallmark or card stores.”

  4. Her favorite movie is Les Courniste, which is about a teacher who works in an all-boys boarding school where the students are very rambunctious. “No one really cared about them and then this choir teacher comes and gives them the attention they need. I like that movie because it shows how powerful it is to care for someone and how it can change someone’s [attitude].”

  5. Ms. Lin cooks and bakes a lot. She just recently figured out how to make marshmallows from scratch. Her favorite recipe is a green tea chiffon cake. “People really like that one, I usually make it for people’s birthdays.

  6. Her biggest pet peeve is wide ruled binder paper.

  7. The book that has made the biggest impact on her is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. “I remember when I read it when I was younger and I really liked the plot, and then I reread it when I was older and now I’m teaching it to freshmen. It reminds me of a lot of good themes that everyone should think and learn about. [Themes like] empathy, compassion, and creating social change. That book speaks to me every single time I read it.”

  8. If she should give her seventeen year old self advice she would say to not be afraid to explore different classes or take different trips. “Try different things even if no one is going with you, don’t wait around for someone to go with you.”

  9. If she was stranded on a desert island, the three items she would bring would be “A good knife for practicalities sake, a desalination device, and then Harry Potter and the Prisoner of  Azkaban.”

  10. Something nobody knows about Ms. Lin is that she still has a baby tooth. “As long as I take care of it I should be fine.”