Project Baby

Project Baby

Chanti Holroyd

You may have done a double take if you saw students walking around campus taking care of fake babies. This is in fact an assignment for those taking special ed teacher Kristene Bautista’s Life Skills Class. The class is geared towards equipping students with the skills they’re going to need after high school.

Selling for one grand online, the “Real Care Baby” is a realistic baby programmed to cry if the baby needs to be fed, have a diaper change, burp, or be rocked.

Six couples are taking turns raising the class’s two babies named Max and Chloe for two days. Each caregiver has an ID tag that the baby recognizes and statistics are recorded for each ID that show how well they’re being taken care of. The students are required to learn CPR and choking safety procedures. The baby comes with diapers, a bottle, and a pair of night and day clothes all of which have sensors that tell the baby when they’re being used.

“I’ve seen a lot of males really step up and it’s been great to see their personas change once they have to protect something and take care of something,” Bautista said, “It’s a reality check that there may be more things you want to do before you have a baby.”