Scientology: A religion uncovered

Scientology: A religion uncovered

Sydney Sheffield

Popularized by avid follower, Tom Cruise, the fairly modern religion of Scientology has recently been resurfaced and highlighted in the media. In Mountain View alone, there are several Churches of Scientology, the largest located a mere four blocks from downtown Mountain View. Despite garnering massive public attention, the true values and beliefs of this religion often remain widely unknown to the general public.

Scientology was originally developed by L. Ron Hubbard to help individuals increase the quality of life through five fundamental ideas: the parts of man, the eight dynamics, the triangle of understanding, the emotional tone scale, and the importance of auditing. Hubbard, in his book Dianetics, preached that humans are more than the sum of the body and mind: we are spirits called Thetans. The eight dynamics are shown as a diagram of eight concentric circles, each representing an area of survival. The innermost circle is “self,” followed by “family,” “group,” “species,” “life forms,” “physical universe,” “spiritual,” and finally “infinity,” also known as the “Supreme Being.”

In Scientology, it is believed that having an urge to help each area thrive is the key to happiness. The triangle of understanding is comprised of 3 factors: affinity, reality, and communication. The factors are dependent upon each other, meaning if communication between two people decreases, so does the affinity and reality. The emotional tone scale is the representation of the spectrum of human emotion, diagrammed for the purpose of learning how to deal with these emotions. Scientology utilizes a method known as auditing to allow individuals to find certain truths about themselves. In these counseling-like sessions, the individual in question is attached to a machine called an “E-meter,” and, as directed by an auditor, begins to discuss various memories or experiences. When a certain memory causes emotional upset, it is shown on the meter. That memory can be then further analyzed.

With the Church of Scientology in nearby Mountain View, it is convenient and easily accessible to anyone with further interest.