Bay to Breakers


Carly Miller

On Sunday May 18th, thousands of bay area residents piled into trains, cars, and buses to make their way to the world’s longest consecutively run footrace. The Bay to Breakers was founded in 1906 after the disastrous San Francisco earthquake to help raise the city’s spirits. Today, people are continuing this objective by dressing in colorful, crazy costumes and having a good time.

Among the enormous crowds overtaking the streets, were Mountain View High School Sophomores Chloe Ng, Dominique Lau, and Junior Hannah Lau. Both the Lau sisters were excited to start as this would be their first time running the 7.4 mile race.

“When I was waiting for the race to start people were throwing tortillas in the air like frisbees and wherever they landed people would pick them up and throw them right back up!” Junior Lau said. Lau loved that everyone was dressed up, but said the Hayes hill was definitely a challenge.

Yet, even the steepness of the San Francisco hills didn’t slow Lau down, who ended up running the entire way.

“I would love to run it again! The feeling I experienced when I finished was awesome.” Lau said

The Bay to Breakers is a city wide celebration that not only uplifts the spirits of those running in the race, but also those standing on the sidelines handing out free high fives, power bars, love and support. Currently there are 360 days until the next race starts, and the fun begins.