Local Frozen Yogurt Shop Closes


After serving up frozen yogurt and happiness to locals of Mountain View for years, The Fro-Yo Shoppe called it quits tonight, March 31st. Leaving behind a legacy of 25 years of faithful service and unforgettable memories, Fro Yo will always be remembered by long-time customers.

Fro Yo employed many Mountain View High School students throughout the years, and it offered many teens their first work experience.

“Fro Yo was not a only a job, however a place full of memories and life lessons; memories from when I was a little kid getting ice cream with my mom, to my first job and the outstanding friends I made. We’re all a family!” said Nikki Moslehi, a sophomore at MVHS.

“Fro Yo taught me how to interact with all kinds of people, be a part of the community, and make a mean rootbeer float. That was my hang out place all through out elementary school and middle school, and I was so happy to get the chance to work there. I’m going to miss those green gummy bears and my family behind the counter.” said Katie Janson, a junior at MVHS.

“Froyo was the first job I ever had and may be the best job I will ever get. It was such a stress free environment and even though the job itself wasn’t very tough, I still learned a lot about employment and I had so many fond memories there. I will cherish my time there with the most wonderful people I know forever!” said Jessica Mallinar, a junior at MVHS.