Creative ways to ask people to prom


Corinna Lee

It’s that time of year again: prom tickets are officially on sale and the Great Gatsby theme was announced a few weeks ago. With this special event comes a lot of stress, especially when it come to deciding on how to ask that special someone to prom! Here are some creative and cute ways to ask your date to prom:

1) The School Intercom:  Star on the announcements through the school intercom “(insert name here), will you go to prom with me?” or ask via MVTV (with permission, of course.)  The recipient will be flattered that you made the effort and that you are brave enough to ask them to prom with the whole school listening.

2) The check yes or no shirt:  Wear a white shirt that asks the question about prom, and then write “yes” and “no” with a box next to each word.  Bring a sharpie so the person you are asking can check which box!

3) The scavenger hunt:  Even though a direct asking is more simple than having the recipient go through hurdles to uncover hints to get to the ultimate question, it is well worth it. You will need to plan this one by giving clues and hints that will lead to the final destination, where you can finally pop the question, “Will you go to prom with me?”

4) Sidewalk chalk: Another way to ask someone to prom is by using chalk.  All you have to do is write in words “(insert name here) will you go to prom with me?” This technique might not be as creative, but it is still fun and sweet.

5) Use your pet:  If you have a dog, a cute way to ask your future date to prom is by attaching a sign to your dog and training it to walk to the recipient.  The combination of an adorable dog and the poster will make saying “yes” irresistible.

6) Spell out prom on food:  Everybody loves food, so who wouldn’t say yes to that?  Spelling each letter of ‘Prom’ on a cupcake or on cookies is a perfect way to ask your date to prom.

7) Post it notes: Place post it notes all over your future date’s windshield on their car or on their locker to ask them to prom!Each post it note should have a letter that spells out prom.

8) Use music: By either singing with a group or playing a song with an instrument, you can serenade your future prom into saying yes.  Music is the key to anyone’s heart and will allow you to entertain them and show off your musical talent.

9) Spelling out in candles or in glow sticks:  If you are planning to ask your date in the dark, spelling out ‘Prom’ in candles or in glow sticks will light up their world.

10) Filling car or locker with balloons:  If you have access to the person’s car or locker, you can fill it up with balloons and have a sign that says “I didn’t have the balls to ask you in person, but I am hoping you will go with me to prom?”

Any of these ways of asking your special someone to prom will guarantee you a date!  You won’t have to worry about them saying “no” because these sweet and simple askings will make you irresistible.  Good luck!