Election Coverage 2014: This week in Mission Statements and photos


Ray Uyeda

On the morning of Monday, March 10th, MVHS walls, windows and doors were transformed into a seemingly endless cacophonous blur of color, names, and some unfortunate pun-inspired catch phrases. For those of you who haven’t been paying as much attention, our Associated Student Body elections are coming up, this Thursday and Friday to be exact. Even though we live in a world driven by our desire to be connected in a (frown-inducing) ironically disconnected manner, the guidelines set in place for advertising are refreshingly 20st century-esque. Posters remain the most ubiquitous source of advertisement, and any candidate can hang up posters as long as they abide by the rules (pictured below). Yet in a world where bigger is better, some names can get lost in the fray, so we’ve placed the mission statements below to keep you voters informed. (Courtesy of ASB) candidates and their mission statements