Mystery of the Quad Reconstruction Answered

Mystery of the Quad Reconstruction Answered

Tiffanie Luther

Recently, the grassy area in the center of the quad was removed and replaced with cement steps surrounding a dirt bed. As no students were informed of this sudden change, students have been attempting to guess what this construction will be.

“I think it’s going to be a coy pond because I want our school to be more zen,” sophomore Alison Chao said. Freshmen Rebecca Collins and Natalie Brehaut agree, adding that it could be a fountain.

Other popular guesses include, a gazebo, a farm, a statue of a Spartan, a swimming pool, a day care for teen moms, and a statue of MVHS principal, Mr. Grissom.

While all these ideas sound like interesting additions to MVHS’s campus, this area will actually be turning into a beautifully landscaped area with an abundance of greenery.

“The plan is to have a pretty area, with seating (the steps), for the students as they eat and socialize during brunch and lunch.” said vice principal, Lynne Ewald.

While it may seem unnecessary to have done away with the previous grassy area, it turned out to be the best option, as this area was beginning to become a small problem.

“That area of grass was often wet and muddy, even before the rainy season.” said Ewald.

Although many will miss seeing the green patch of grass every day, we look forward to the beautiful area that is to com