Ideas for upcoming summer activities

Ideas for upcoming summer activities

Avni Singhal

As we go through third quarter, it is important to start looking into what to do this summer and possibly apply for jobs, programs, classes, or internships. Besides relaxing, there are many other activities you can do over the summer.

1. Summer Classes

Whether you want to take an SAT prep class, take Health online, or take a painting class, taking classes over the summer is very common and useful. Summer classes can be used to reduce the amount of work you have to do in the school year or to learn something you do not have the opportunity to in school. You can find test preparation classes through many college prep centers in the area and other types of classes through various private high schools and community and state colleges.

2. Summer Programs

A multitude of summer programs of different types in various areas are held around the nation at high schools and colleges every year. Programs exist for almost every interest, in subject areas like Math, Science, Theater, Literature, History, Journalism, Singing, Music, and so on. Programs range from living in the wilderness for 2 weeks to learning research techniques at a university. Most high school programs require applications, and the application period is generally in the February to April time frame.

3. Internships and Jobs

A common summer activity is working, whether as an intern or as an employee. Many students get jobs at local restaurants and shops to get money and the experience of working. Other students intern at companies or universities to get a taste of what they might want to do in the future. If you hope to be a researcher, intern at a lab. If you hope to be an actor, intern at an acting summer camp. There are many different opportunities for people with different interests.

4. Community Service

Many students do community service projects over the summer. While MVHS does not require extensive community service, community service is a fulfilling, gratifying experience, and it is recommended by colleges. Doing volunteer work towards something you are passionate about is an especially rewarding experience. For example, students interested in being doctors could volunteer at a local hospital, or students who like the outdoors could be counselors at a wilderness camp.

4. Traveling Abroad & Family Trips

Something else many people like to do is travel to different states and countries. Summer is the most relaxing time and the best time to take a trip. Trips with friends or with family are always great bonding experiences.

5. Free Time

While some people like to have structured activities and programs, others like to be unbound and explore their passions. Some people get bored and restless very easily, while others thrive when their days are unstructured. Whether or not you want to fill up your summer with activities, it is important to leave some free, independent time to do whatever you want.