Girls Basketball clinches close win in overtime


Ciara Ross, Staff Writer

The girls varsity basketball team won its game against Wilcox High School Thursday night, 47-46.

The game started with the Spartans in the lead, scoring seven points in the first two minutes. At the end of the first quarter, Wilcox turned the game around and surpassed Mountain View with a three pointer. The quarter ended with a score of 9-12.

Mountain View picked up steam at the beginning of the second quarter, matching Wilcox with another three pointer. Wilcox took control toward the end of the quarter, but the Spartans pushed back with strong defense, going into halftime with a score of 26-22.

Assistant Coach Bobby Hernandez said he encouraged the girls to “slow down with this team,” after observing the Wilcox-Mountain View game earlier this season.

The Spartans went into the second half strong. Sophomore Jillian Higa drove the ball from halfcourt, quickly dodged Wilcox defenders, and landed it in the basket. The rest of the quarter saw multiple free throws made by senior Alana Sukhi. But by the end of the quarter, Mountain View lost momentum, and Wilcox gained the lead, 32-34.

The score went back and forth between the two teams in the fourth quarter. In the last minute of the game, Mountain View was down three points, but with seven-point-four seconds left on the clock, sophomore Alana Hernandez landed a three pointer, tying the score, 41-41, and sending the game into overtime. The stands erupted. 

In overtime, the score continued bouncing back and forth between Mountain View and Wilcox. With 35 seconds left, Alana Sukhi landed a freethrow, pushing Mountain View one point ahead of Wilcox.

Mountain View stayed strong on defense to hold onto their lead and ended the game with a win, 47-46. 

Alana Hernandez, said she’s proud of her teammates for their ability to come together and play as one. 

“We were all able to build as a team and grow closer together,” Hernandez said.