Boys soccer takes 5-1 victory over Pioneer High School


Courtesy of Cyril Bortolato

Antonio Peeples, News Beat Reporter

The boys varsity soccer team beat Pioneer High School 5-1 in their fourth preseason game on Friday.

The Spartans took control of the game early, taking a 3-0 lead in the first 20 minutes of the game. Sola Nishimura, Luc Bortolato and Taaran Chohan scored the first goals for Mountain View. The team had a lot of early counter attacks that gave them multiple opportunities to score, which they took advantage of.

Pioneer scored their first and only goal on a deep kick; the team pressured the goalie and took a fast shot to get them into the game. However, Mountain View’s great speed and transitioning allowed the Spartans to continue their dominance to the end of first half, which they finished with a 4-1 lead.


“In the very beginning Sola [Nishimura] took the lead [with] the first goal, and with that we just had so much energy going into the next couple of minutes, we kept putting goals in, and that helped us throughout the game,” senior Bryan Kim said.

Scoring slowed down during the second half, as both sides showed improved defense and ball movement. Possessions went back and forth, however, both goalies had multiple saves and helped contain the two offenses.

“It’s a preseason game, so I wanted to really focus on playing better defense and not losing the ball in the middle,” Head Coach Jim McGuirk said.

Mountain View couldn’t be held down the whole 2nd half, with Liam Barret scoring the final goal ending the game 5-1.

“The fact that we were able to find success here shows that going forward, we’ll be able to carry that energy forward,” Kim said. “We’ll be able to know how we play with one another.”