Precious Nyarko and Gabriel Selaya crowned Homecoming Royalty


Naina Srivastava and Katie Tsang

Seniors Precious Nyarko and Gabriel Selaya were announced Homecoming royalty at the football game Friday.

For Nyarko, winning homecoming court was important representation. Nyarko said she hopes that by winning homecoming royalty, she’ll serve as a model for students like her, especially her “AVID family.”

“I don’t represent a huge majority of the school,” Nyarko said. “So for the people I represent, … they feel like someone they know is on the court. I hope people feel inspired.”

Nyarko has been in AVID, a college preparation class, since her freshman year. But AVID is more than a class to her: All of her closest friends are in AVID, and she said her AVID teacher, Lee Casem, is like her school mom. 

Gomez Diaz crowns Nyarko after her name was announced.

“That’s my family and that’s my crew,” Nyarko said. “If I need people for something, I know I can depend on my other family.”

Nyarko’s other family at school is her cheer team. She’s been on the team for four years, and now serves as a team captain. As soon as her name was announced, her team swarmed her with cheering applause.

“They were hugging me from all different angles and there was a time when my legs weren’t on the ground anymore,” Nyarko said. 

By winning, Nyarko said she was able to “keep the torch running” of cheerleaders becoming homecoming royalty. Last year, fellow cheerleader and AVID student Hannia Gomez Diaz was also crowned royalty. 

Gomez Diaz and her homecoming royalty counterpart Archer Date crowned this year’s winners. As soon as Nyarko learned this, she said she knew she had to win. She said Gomez Diaz is a friend and a role model, which made the moment all the more special.

“I imagined it in my head as soon as I found out she was crowning,” Nyarko said. “It was just like I imagined it. This was everything I’ve ever wanted. It felt really meant to be.”

Nyarko and Selaya pose with Principal Dr. Kip Glazer.
Nyarko and Selaya pose with Principal Dr. Kip Glazer.

Special education teacher Seamus Quillian emailed the Oracle Selaya’s comments. 

“I was shocked that I won,” Selaya said. “I was emotional and excited. I wanted to pump up the crowd.”  

In the email, Quillian said he has watched Selaya grow into a wonderful young man who loves his school and his classmates.  

“I was quite emotional when Gabe won Homecoming royalty,” Quillian said. “Gabe is a model Spartan and I am so excited he was honored with Homecoming royalty.”