Club Arena helps students find community

Alex Bentley, Video Producer

The Science Quad filled with dozens of brightly decorated poster boards and crowds of students Tuesday and Wednesday for Club Arena, where representatives advertise their respective clubs to the student body.

Club Arena gives students a chance to find a place to be themselves, with clubs ranging from anatomy and computer science, to drama and business. 

“I think it [Club Arena] helps students because it helps them find a community that they can be a part of,” senior Mattan Landkof said. “And if there isn’t [a club], kids can make a club and find people that share common interests.”

The Robotics Club advertises their club at Club Arena.

Landkof pointed out that certain clubs, such as the Robotics Club, can help teach members skills like programming or engineering. Other clubs give students a chance to enrich themselves in other academic subjects or just socially.

“I think it’s a great place for people to meet people,” said senior Jackson Otto, president of the Computer Science Club. “I’m sure you’ll make a lot of friends by walking around and talking to people, and it’s a great place to meet people within clubs.”

To catch the attention of attendees, clubs hosted live demonstrations of activities and gave away candy and other treats to those who signed up.

“Club Arena helps with club membership because it allows [potential] club members to see what a club does, and for them to present what they do,” said junior Raphael Lim, Robotics Club member.