Spartans start off football season with win over Kings Academy


Charlie Schwartz, Staff Writer

The MVHS Varsity football team kicked off the season with a 35-20 win against the King’s Academy Knights. The game started off without much scoring action until junior Dillon Daniels made the first touchdown in the middle of the second quarter. The Spartans then recovered the ball and brought it past the fifty yard line. 

With three seconds left in the first half, Quarterback Kevin Conway sent the ball more than 30 yards down the field to junior Lex Silver, who caught the ball while being double-teamed and scored another touchdown for the Spartans.

“The play of the game was the big throw to Lex Silver, and it just changed the whole energy of the game,” Conway said.

“[King’s Academy’s] running back rushed almost 2000 yards last season and we kept him in check,” Head Coach Tim Lugo said.

The Knights scored at the end of the third quarter but were unable to score the two point play, allowing them to gain only 6 points. Halfway through the third quarter, Running Back Arturo Hernandez ran the ball 42 yards for the Spartans, making the score 21-6. Hernandez scored again later in the game along with running back Drake Wilkening.

“Our running backs really stepped up, and made some big plays,” Conway said.

MVHS had a total of 438 yards against Kings Academy, which had only 308 total yards.

Changing offensive schemes has been a little difficult this year but they’re getting the hang of it and … our passing game can be explosive when we need it to,” Lugo said.

A previous version of this article was published, claiming Villami Sekona scored a touchdown. Corrections have been made, it was scored by Dillon Daniels