Nico Trepanier sets school record for mile in CCS

David Henri, Staff Writer

On April 22, track athlete and senior Nico Trepanier set a new school record with a 4:15.8 mile, a top 8 mile time in the CCS Top 8 CCS meet at Los Gatos.

“The race fell into a weird position with our training,” Trepanier said. “We didn’t know that we were going to do [the race] until three days before. It was sort of impromptu, and I didn’t go in with any expectations at all.”

The race itself — a meet in which the top 8 would move on to the next stage of CCS competition — had fierce competition.
“It was a really stacked field with a lot of great runners, and a lot of talent,” Trepanier said.

“I knew that if I could tuck into a good spot, maybe third or fourth, I could just stay with the fast guys and hold it out,” Trepanier said. “The first three laps were [at a] very even pace, and that set up for a really good run, and just trying to close and stick with those really fast sprinters was a grind.”

However, Trepanier kept going, and finished the race in sixth place with a school record.

“[I was] absolutely destroyed…everything was spinning, [and I was] trying to look for the coach and my way off the track to get out of the way, but my body was full of lactic [acid] and couldn’t really move,” Trepanier said.

This achievement was congratulated by many of Trepanier’s cross country teammates. Friend of Trepanier and track athlete Evan Markelz said he was not surprised of Trepanier’s success given his hard work.

“Of course he [set the new record], and he deserves it after all the work he’s done,” Markelz said.

Track athlete Gavin Murdock shares Markelz’s sentiment: “I was ecstatic and amazed when I heard that he broke the record, but at the same time I am not really that surprised at all,” he said, “because he is one of the most disciplined, hardworking, and legendary runners I have ever known, who will go on to do great things in his running career.”

Trepanier is humble as he achieves his successes, Murdock said.

“What I like about Trepanier is that just as much as he is an amazing runner, he is also an amazing person. Down to earth and humble, he is a kind and considerate individual to his teammates and the people around him, even freshmen like me,” Murdock said.