Varsity girls lacrosse score another win on their way to top of league

Gemma Gentin, Staff Writer

Varsity girls lacrosse won against Los Altos with a score of 11–5, on Wed. April 27th, maintaining a 10–4 record on the season.

Instead of having one heavily reliant “superstar” player, the MVHS team is “unique” because teammates all “develop together,” Assistant coach Paige Bennion said.

“We have an accepting, unified team, but it’s important to play seriously while having fun and not completely let go of the game,” Senior and midfielder Sol Jung said. Bennion said she chooses to be a volunteer coach to “shape [the] girls’ experiences” in a positive and supporting way.

During halftime, Bennion and head coach Tim Kirkendall said the team should’ve called more plays to initiate movement in offense, and tried to win more “50/50 balls.”

Bennion said she would like to see stronger fundamentals, accuracy and precision while passing. The school just moved down to third in the league after losing to Gunn by one point. Los Gatos is first in the league because “their fundamentals are better than ours,” Bennion said.

If the Spartans played against a different team with that same level of gameplay, “we would have had a very different outcome,” Bennion said to her players after the game.

The team won by getting possession during draw controls, the kick-off between the two teams. A benefit to being ahead in the game was the flexibility to try out various plays and techniques they had been working on during practices. The team has secret code words for the different plays they run, such as “minecraft.”

Ultimately, the team tried new tactics so “some of them worked and some of them didn’t. But you know, that’s what practice is for,” Jung said.